imagine it and it will come…

18 Oct

This last week has been a time of awareness and looking at what I attract into my life.  Life is energy, always swirling around us and we can harness that power. Over the past two years I have been making a strong effort to narrow down what I want my life to look like and who I would like in it.  It is good to revisit after some time, see where change is visible and where patterns are taking root.

In this  journey of new thinking, it is important that you let things go. I have learned that when I obsess about a thought or a want,  I would never see it manifest in my life. When I can set my target, dream, get excited and then let go and trust that it can come to me in anyway or form–then it will happen. I just recently manifested something huge into my life –something that I have been wanting for a long long time and now it is here.  It came because I truly let go of it and how it was going to come into my life.  Sure enough it was under my nose for a long time and one day it just walked in. It took time to be the right time. Meaning– some lessons I needed to learn before it could come.

This whole process is really extraordinary and blows my mind frequently. I have been practicing my creative envisioning and I will share them with you as they really do work. Do this daily and then let it go. Think about this thing you want in your life three times a day and see it in your mind like a movie. Stop trying to figure out how it will come and why it is not here yet.  Just don’t put your hooks in too deep and be open to change and the beauty of the process.

Here is what you do —

1. Sit somewhere quite and take a few cleansing breathes.

2. Imagine in your mind the thing you would like. Give it lots of details and feel like you are actually living it at that moment. Make your own little movie of your life. Dream like you did when you were a kid.

3. Now place that movie you imagined in a bubble. Take your arms and grab the bubble like you are holding a ball. Guide that bubble filled with your dreams down into your lap, imagine it entering your stomach and moving up through your body back up to your mind. Feel it in your body, your cells, imagine the images dancing around inside you. Tell yourself that this is your life,  it is good and already here. Imagine those images going back down through your body stopping and taking hold in your heart.

4. Put your arms up, with open hands pull and guide that energy out of your heart and throw it into the universe. You have now released it so it will come to you in the physical form. It will come if you believe that it is already starting to manifest and working it’s way to you. It takes time to come to you so don’t doubt and don’t expect it to show up the next day. It could take a week or a year.

Do this every day for 20 minutes to get some really amazing results. It is really a cool process. You can also write your dreams down on paper, or make a dream board for an added punch.

Another good thing to remember is that your mind can not tell the difference between reality and your envisioning. When you are feeling excited and grateful for something the manifestations become a reality.

Remember to have fun with it. Life should be joyful and we should be having a wonderful time creating on our journey.


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