becoming aware of how you learn

25 Oct

life is full of wonder and opportunities to better ourselves. there are a few ways of thinking when it comes to walking through this life. people are emotional beings and we react, engage, learn and grow differently.

the first being the survivalist.  these people believe that  life just happens to them.  they feel that they are at the mercy of daily struggles. they try to be positive and get through life by surviving, and they eventually become burned out and exhausted with life…passionless.

the next group of people are the best foot forward type. they are the people who are mostly positive and frequently make mini shifts towards happiness and self growth. these people are comfortable in their lives and pretty much can go on autopilot and have a fairly normal and fulfilling life. they experience seasons of change, hardships and they quickly bounce back and return to their routines.

the final group are the freedom seekers. these people believe that they mold and nurture their life. their outlook is one of making changes, being fulfilled, living in the now and turning life into an amazing journey that they can grow and learn from. life then serves them. they are always seeking to change, learn and grown. they have an appetite for life, abundance in every form and know themselves and their personal needs well. these people flow through life adjusting, thriving and are completely fulfilled in every aspect of their life.

which category do you fall in?

for the last 2o years i was of the survivalist type that was just hanging on by my fingernails. i then evolved into the best foot forward lifestyle and finally have become a freedom seeker. i have been through my share of struggles, life traumas and i did not know there was a better way to look at things. i have always been positive and hoped and prayed for the best but really just went a long for the ride.

you see my friends, it is all about perspective and how we learn behaviors. there are several ways that we learn and the amazing thing is that we can change our thinking at any time.

in order for us to move forward with learning we need to stop and take a look at how we process things. there are four learning styles. visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile.  there are also people who are multimodal. these people have the ability to process information in different ways — meaning they can adjust their learning styles to different situations.

my personal growth has been achieved by combining my learning style with the appropriate tools. i am a visual/kinesthetic learner. i need to be able to see it and repeat it myself. helpful tools for me are creative exercises, videos, checklists and books. dream boards are a big help for me as i can then see what my future will look like.

how do you learn? take a moment and think about it and then what do you do to give yourself the proper tools?  if you are an auditory learner you could attend lectures or classes, or meet with people and have discussion groups. if you are a kinesthetic/tactile learner you could learn some mental techniques and work with a coach. there are so many different ways to fill our toolboxes so we can go through life claiming our power and enjoying it.

take some time today and do a little focus exploration and see where you can shift your energy. learning new things will open your mind, your life and will leave you to live in the present moment.

making small improvements in your life daily will produce amazing results.


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