the girl

some of the best things in life are different. i am unconventional,  unique and i/m good with that.

i am a professional organizer, encouragement guru,  graphic designer, a lover of interior design, a build it yourself kind of girl, and a mommy to three amazing kids.

i am a mixed bag of parts, passions, struggles and transparency. i have been a life long organizer and design junkie as well as a graphic artist for the past 17 years. four years ago i had my own organizing business and felt i had found my true calling in my life. i love designing and i will always do that in some form because at heart i am an artist. for me, creating is the food that nourishes my soul. without it…the world is colorless.

i stepped away from my business after a series of life changes. Yup — life hit me hard in the face [and it left a mark]  and went through a series of mini traumas from loosing my dad, the end of my 15 year marriage, the big burn out  and starting my life over completely broke. today, i am back with a new understanding of trials and how they can really screw us up.

i am here to encourage, affirm and help you find the path to re-claiming yourself, your power, your life, your dreams and your home. i can help you step by step make mini shifts in your life with love, encouragement and with no judgment. cause hey — i have been there too!

life is too short to not stand up and have a voice,  know how fabulous you are and what you can accomplish.

as for my art – every item i create is filled with my positive energy, affirming thoughts,  and abundant love. each piece is carefully planned and designed. if you are looking for a touch of whimsy, a side of funky and if you are tired of looking like everyone, than break out and head my way!

thanks for stopping by, i have lots of love for you and would love for you to take the time and get to know me.

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