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6 Sep

a day of sunshine, reflection, friends, and family. that is what i wish for you all this day. =)


a few exciting products

20 Aug

my world has been a buzz over here for this last week. i have been fine tuning a few ideas that i have had stirring around in my head. i have always been a lover of paper goods. i like stationary, fun party invites and personal cards. i have been known to walk around the aisles of the office supply store for hours just browsing.

i am currently in development for a new line of printable invites and cards. i have worked on some designs and packaged them together in an easy diy product. now you can pick a style, purchase a license to use my artwork, and then you will receive the artwork file all set up for you to print out on your home printer.

i am passionate about this product for a few reasons. for one there is not extra waste and additional costs that comes with shipping the cards in packaging. the second reason is fine stationary can be expensive. i wanted to provide quality, professionally created paper goods that everyone could enjoy.

i am currently offering party paks for birthday, and dinner parties. this pak includes an invitation, a blank note card, and a thank you card in ready to print layout.

i also have released my first set of wedding invitations. this set includes a save the date, wedding invitation, rsvp card, reception card, and a thank you card. again, all in ready to print format with crop marks.

i have another exciting product in the initial stages of development so stay tuned to hear about that one.

so please check out my products and help me spread the word.

many thanks

check out my facebook page at pacific lotus for more updates.

for purchasing info please go to my etsy store.

what your design says about you

19 Aug

i woke up this morning with the topic of design on my brain. i have done many things in my life and one of  the many passions i have includes interior design. i have always loved it and i know the importance of a well designed space. when i say well designed i am not talking about having a large budget and purchasing the best and most expensive furniture that you can find. expensive does not mean good design.

so my pondering left me with this question…why do so many people not design their companies the way they design their homes? here is an example. why do so many large companies use marketing pieces that are void of emotion and creativity? most of the corporations have very simple lines and logos and they all think that is the normal and ok. leaving a cold impression with their customers. do these high executives that run these companies have boring homes? i can assure you they do not.

so that leaves me wanting to know who told them that this was good? one of the reasons why i have left doing work for corporations is because their marketing design reflects that coldness, and i am all about warm fuzzies and connecting. i can tell you that it does not take a lot of money to get away from the cookie cutter look.

if you are a business owner or you are representing yourself, let me tell you that one of the best things you can do for yourself and your company is to get a look. who are you? what do you stand for? it is important to bring elements into your professional life from your personal life. thankfully we live in a time where transparency is what people want to see. does your company get involved with outreach programs or helping others in the community? that should reflect in your design. do you coach people through tough spots in their lives? yep, your compassion should shine through in every piece of paper or website you put in front of the public.

it is amazing how certain colors will change your emotions and general tone. next time you are getting ready to send out your marketing take a good look at it? ask yourself does it reflect you and the values you want to show your customers?  think connection instead of big business.

i have been a graphic designer for 16 years. if you need help or would like an evaluation on the pieces you already use and brainstorm together on how your pieces could pop and reflect you…send me a message, i would love to chat.

it/s simple really

16 Aug