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step into the light and make some room

16 Sep

lots of early morning swirling thoughts going on in my head. 7 am inspirations, messages come through load and clear to my soul and just again…feeling a little swirly. i like it.

i have been working on putting my books together again on organizing. i have had a few versions and they were set up to help people go through their space by themselves. some of you are a grab the bull by the horns type and others i know need some gentle love pushes and assurance when it comes to dealing with their stuff.

i am feeling a tug to move a little bit more back into that direction. simple i want to encourage to create beautiful spaces and tranquil lifestyles.  people — it/s time to step into our power.

today as i write — i came across a blog article that Danielle LaPorte wrote. one of the things she said was — “making space signals the universe that you/re ready for ideal…or at the very least, much improved.”

powerful statement. when we let go it allows something better to take up that space.  it does not matter if it is emotional stuff or physical stuff, we all have it and have to deal with it and what it represents  in our lives.

organizing your thoughts, organizing your dreams, organizing your time, and organizing your homes is something we all deal with. the good, the bad, the ugly and the way to put it all in it/s rightful place to achieve balance and harmony.

look for my e-series books that will be coming out in the near future.

peace and love to you all today.


color statement

15 Sep

in this last year i have become obsessed with color. my home is now infused with it and my wardrobe looks something similar to a rainbow when i open my closet doors.  it soothes my soul now. it makes me smile and feel like i am vibrant, sexy and alive.

i found this picture on one of my favorite websites– photo credits are — spectrum abstract. Photo by Jen Siska

i think this photo is fantastic because it demands attention. i look at the color and it just is so rich and inviting. i like how it pops off the white and then the detail of the sweet pillow. just simple, balanced and happy to me.

this is easy to do in your home. what makes this fabulous to me is the clean look with the white walls and the lines on the furniture.  making a wall piece similar to this would be a fun project. you could use a canvas or even use some butcher block paper and make two prints that you could frame. take some paint, spray some water on it so you get the drips. maybe some splatter paint in the paper would be fun too. just make sure that your paint is already fluid enough to drip so you do not have to add too much water to the paper which would cause it to wrinkle. if using canvas…no big deal as the canvas can hold the water. add a simple frame, hang side by side and pow…an unusual punch of color. i personally like the framing options that ikea offers.

here is my version of this art using a zinc piece of metal that used to be on my desk. (that is the next post…how to turn a desk into your dining room table)  i personally like things with  graffiti, modern, bold  and distressed looks. i painted drops, sanded a little bit around the edges, splattered and let the paint drip down to get the look i wanted. it was free to make. i had the paint and took me about an hour and a half  to do. i am pretty happy with it. it adds a nice bold bit of color to my home studio/office.

what fun creative ideas does this spark in your mind to do? please share.