are you listening to your voice?

4 Oct

i am back with another engaging question for you this morning. do you listen and trust your inner voice? what is your first reaction when i ask you that?

let/s think about it for a moment. when that little voice goes off in your head do you stop and say “hi, thanks for the heads up” and keep doing what you are doing or do you stop, replay, restart and head off in a new direction?

that little voice is there for a reason. this voice is always centered around love and growth. this voice is the one that will help you through the tough spots in life, it is your companion, your support and your guide. this voice can take you to were you need to go for nourishment when you are struggling in the middle of a desert.

there is a another voice that pops up and you should be aware of that one too. this is the voice of your inner critic. the nasty nagging that will ask you why you think you can get healthy or why would you do that? this is your ego speaking and you will know it because it is there to tear you down and make you question your whole identity. when this not so fun voice comes into the picture just simply do this — “hello critic, there is no show for you today so i will call you when i need you. buh bye”. take it down! quick and by whatever means necessary.

loving and accepting yourself is about being honest with yourself, your needs and listening to your loving inner guide. it is not about being selfish at all. take the time to get to know that voice. next time you hear it stop and listen. learn to recognize it and know that you can trust it.

a quick recap — yes you hear voices in your head and these voices are ok and there is nothing wrong with you.

your inner guide is always loving, encouraging growth and will lead you to the other side. always nurishing and supportive. your inner critic is always downplaying you, controlling, and trying to question yourself and your abilities.

stop, breathe and listen and you will have a fulfilling life.

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note -[the colors are off here for some reason]


transparencies and reflections

1 Oct

there is an inner journey that we are all on and sometimes things are brought into our lives with more reason and purpose than we first see.

i have had many a discussions lately with a friend on choices, behaviors, and the looking inward to ourselves.  claiming our shit, carrying it and moving past our dysfunctions and the issues that tend to bog us down daily.

it makes me think about what is the end goal and how we just keep moving down our paths picking up things, putting others down and finally laying to rest when we are tired.  we feed our physical bodies, take our vitamins, and exercise. Do we take the time to feed our soul? What does that even mean really?

i looked at myself in the mirror today and i see a new person. every day i am renewed and i am becoming more beautiful because i am feeding my soul and it is starting to radiate out.  i speak truth, i speak tender, i speak with a gentle love that stems up from my core. i am in touch with myself , what is important and where i want to go on this path. passion and a deep love for where i am now. what do you reflect? who do you see when you look in the mirror?

i know today i am transparent in all that i do and that is calming. i am happy to be myself and all that goes along with that. deep breathes and long pauses define me and my life. it is in the silence that i gain strength.

to get to this place i just had to be open and let go of my need to fix and control. the need to get what i want when i want it. i can still have those things in my life but now i am open to a different timing than what i think is best.  how are you with your timing? do you feel restless in your life?

thoughts are power. emotions are the fuel.

how will you learn to become more open? how do you let go?

i want to investigate

29 Sep

i came across a darling video today that was the video diary of a girls pregnancy. i went and looked at her other videos because i adored her stuff so. (the panic room on vimeo)

i watched some wedding videos and it brought out some feelings in me. today has actually been all about feeling. feelings of hope for the future, acceptance of the past, and love for the now. upon more reflection i was filled with gratitude for where i am today. i feel today. i wake up and feel, breathe, love, rejoice, become sad, frustrated, and happy to be on this journey.

how many of us stop and take in our feelings every moment though? is the pain or sadness too much to deal with so we just skip though life one day to the next and just survive? are we missing out on the possibilities of our lives or settling for what we think should happen and what people tell us is normal?

i feel so alive for the first time. like one of my favorite songs by Switchfoot — Learning to Breathe

i wake up every day, thank and meditate on my source of strength which is god, the universe, my creator. i feel and open myself up like a blossom. i face my trials and pains. i pick myself up and move into the direction of love.

What do you do? do you feel that you are open or is it hard to deal with the emotions? just a little morsel to chew on.

learning to breathe lyrics –

Hello, good morning, how you do?
What makes your rising sun so new?
I could use a fresh beginning too
All of my regrets are nothing new
So this is the way that I say I need You
This is the way
This is the way that I’m

Learning to breathe
I’m learning to crawl
I’m finding that You and You alone can break my fall
I’m living again, awake and alive
I’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies

Hello, good morning, how you been?
Yesterday left my head kicked in
I never, never thought that
I would fall like that
Never knew that I could hurt this bad

So this is the way that I say I need You
This is the way that I say I love You
This is the way that I say I’m Yours
This is the way, this is the way

a sneak peek into my special sauce

28 Sep

i have been writing a lot lately. i have been spending my time revisiting my organizing how-to books and decided that i wanted to make the meat a little more juicy. i will talk about the basics of organizing and the importance of it yes –but i also want to cover a new formula [or the special sauce as i have been calling it] that i have come to use regularly.  using this approach will bring balance and a new energy into many  lives.

Here is a little peek about one of the juicy ingredients for a healthy, productive and dreamy life.

~~ Affirmations are a key element to my formula. These are simple sayings that will affirm yourself, your beauty and your life. It can be something small like — “today, I feel calm” to “ I am practicing the art of surrender” or ” I trust in the process of my life.”  You can come up with your own, use the ones in the back of this book, or i suggest looking online. You can also use simple words like “trust”, or “i can” and place them on cards around your house. Use whatever rings true to you and feels good.

What you fill your mind with will also flow out. Fill your ears, your mouth your eyes , your mind with beauty, notes of self love and in no time you will be loving yourself and feeling good.

I will tell you that you should never and i repeat never feel bad for loving yourself. Do not ever apologize for liking and loving who you are. There have been people that say that your ego will blow up and you will become a snob but that is not true at all. The opposite happens. When you learn to accept yourself, and live present in your life and skin just the way you are because you are special and made perfectly. when you show your inner girl/boy that you will nurture her/him and take care of her/him your heart grows. Not just for yourself but for other people. You start to radiate a love that comes from the creator of the universe and there is no better feeling in the world. Everything in life is possible with this kind of love and support.

Your prescription for a healthy, balanced and loving life is to tell yourself something nice at the minimum of three times a day, see what happens and how you feel.

What you choose to spend your energy on is what you will get back. If you love yourself, love will find you and others will love you. If you are angry and focus on the negative, only negative and hostile situations will find you and come into your life.

Learn to take some time to get to know yourself. I read on a girls blog once [sorry i don/t remember who it was for credit but she is fabulous!] that she has been dating herself,  has fallen in love, will get the courage to pop the question and the honeymoon is going to be fabulous. It was so beautiful because she was talking about herself. She was taking the time to figure herself out and fall in love with her faults, strengths and everything in between. When we learn to put ourselves first everything falls into balance because you are then working off a solid and firm foundation. ~~

I just felt inspired today to include this bit in my post for the day. I have been loving myself over here and nurturing this heart of mine and tending to my flame of passion.

so today — i rock — you rock — we are all truly fabulous and what a great journey we are on.

my weekend project

27 Sep

it was so bloody hot here this weekend in Cali that I retreated indoors. I decided to tear apart a chair that was bothering me and re-upholster it. I have done simple re-upholstery jobs but this one was a bit more with the top piece as was a bit of a challenge. i think it turned out pretty good.

this is what i did. i had some left over canvas drop cloth for panting and i just thought it would make something cool and then pillows and my chair came to mind. i love it because it is whimsical. i just cut up the pieces, fit to the chair, tacked in and then added fun words with my stencils. i made these pillows too. i think i will be making more and adding them into my etsy shop. it was really fun to make and kept my weekend full of creative fun.

oh — and in that first pillow picture. that greenish turq pillow is made from a bath mat. has great texture and is super fun looking. it reminds me of a sea creature. ;0

sweet morning love

24 Sep

this morning has me in a state of excitement, tingling, renewed and just plain giddy.

i had this nagging to go for a walk and of course i got a little snippy with my inner lovely self and had every excuse not to go. i started to put pressure on myself about all that needed to done this morning. i caved and went. in my mind thinking — ok there is probably some hidden message waiting for me out there. the lake is where they come through load and clear. I thought maybe something i have been wanting will be out there, very one sided on my end.

i ventured out with my music putting me into a trance, the sun shining down and the warmth caressing my face. i take in the smells of grass, flowers, dirt and the water. every single time i am out there i just feel good. it is my place.

i have been open about my struggles and this path i have been on for the past 6 months. i took the time to find myself and what i want to do for my career, life, happiness and so on. yesterday i received the needed confirmation that i know my route. the journey of  searching is over and now i know where to go. that in itself woke me to excitement this morning as i am working out the plan and details of my new path.

i also have been struggling with relationships and my need to feel like i have to be in one. i really am alright by myself and i like it but i do want more. i like sharing my life with someone. this morning just spoke truth to my heart and blew out any nasty thoughts of wanting and lack.

there is a tunnel that i love to walk through, it starts my journey into the park. as soon as i got through it i felt like i stepped into this grove of love and god himself was there. the power of the love and companionship that i felt in that moment. I did not even make it half way around and i had fallen in love with myself again, and eloped. I married myself this morning out at the lake. I know that sounds funny but the realization that i am just fine, i am all that is perfect just as i am  and i complete myself is huge or me. i talk about it and feel it most of the time but there is still that underlying loneliness feeling. it is gone. i am no longer lonely. It has completely left me. packed up and moved out. void.

i decided to celebrate this with simply saying hello to everyone that i saw. it was rather busy this morning too.  i must have been a site really. i had my “chicks rule” hot pink hat on (how appropriate) and i was beaming like a newlywed.

it then turned quickly to thinking and thanking for this luscious gift that was given to me. To think if i did not go this morning. But i did! It was not what i expected and so much better.

while i am doing my laps i start looking at  peoples faces. their body language and how they were holding themselves. i walked by this one woman and i felt her energy. it was sad, she needed loving support. i sent here that energy, loved her and hit her with it! i found myself doing this the rest of the walk. i just sent them loving words of affirmation and focused it reaching their heart.  i wanted to share this gift of direct connection my source, my God, my power and pass it along to them.

the more i gave the more i got back. in a smile, a hello, how you doing, a nod, a wave from a cute little old lady with her two friends. i did not know it was possible to feel that much love. i even gave love to the crow walking near me. you see we are all connected with this life force, this energy and i just got it this morning.

i am in a new journey now. i crossed over this morning. i will take the lessons i learned and carry them along and continue to just be me and all that it  means.

life is so good from where i sit.

and that sweet little lady that smiled at me and i waved and she waved back with the biggest of smiles — is forever burnt into my mind. a love connection that almost knocked me over.  i think she knew what i was doing. i should have run up and hugged her.

much love to you

releasing and renewing

20 Sep

this morning i took a nice walk around the lake across from where i live. it is a refreshing place for me. in the past has provided many hidden life messages for me. this morning was a normal and invigorating walk. i am coming off the high from a girls weekend where a friend from my childhood came up to visit with her daughter. we had a time of laughter, silliness, movies, food and some nice wine. we lived it up. we were us. we just lived in the moment and were moms, young girls, and two beautiful women that have pulled themselves up from struggles, divorces and this new life of being single. it was a full weekend.

on the walk this morning, i came around to the other side of the lake where there is a grass part.  this is what i call the eucalyptus sanctuary. i adore looking at these trees and feel alive when their scent wafts through the air. this morning i was taken back by a few of the trees. they were shedding their skin. bark was falling off and this beautiful renewed skin was underneath. gleaming, fresh, strong and ready to experience the new journey.

i just sat there and pondered it for a bit. i am shedding my skin. out with the things that do not serve me and in with the things and people that will empower and love me.  it was one of those moments where life stops and you just take it all in. i moved on to finish my walk with my friend john mayer singing in my ear.

whatever obstacles we see that are in front of us, we can always get past them. we just need to remember that we have strong roots, and can change our life at any time. all the time. change and growth is good.

peace to your hearts today my friends.