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knowing when to make shifts

6 Nov

mini shifting — the process of making little changes  in your daily life so you can change the course in your journey.

do you ever sit and really analyze your life? do you dissect it down and wonder why you reached where you are now, how you got on this new path and what it all means? i do this frequently. i am a virgo and a seeker. i have a tendency to analyze the crap out of things. usually to the death of a subject. i enjoy the nuts and bolts of how and why things work, and how to fine tune and get the  most out of every drop of life.

changes in your environment happen every day. changes with the kids,  material possessions, friends, and loved ones. change is needed to bring in a mix to stale energy and to get it flowing again. change really is good if you can be open to it and it’s lessons. my life has changed so much in the past few years that i allow myself now to just sit in it and embrace it with curiosity. what will this bring i ask myself and wait with wonder. sometimes it is painful and having to deal with an ex regarding financial issues, kids and some are joyous like a new relationship and realizing he is your soul mate. these changes are what define us in life. our reactions, our passions, or ability to shift through them.

it makes me think about driving up the california coast in a little sports car. as you turn corners and go around mysteriously beautiful bends you need to shift. change a gear so you can pick up speed or slow down and be a little more cautious.  without shifting you could potentially miss out of some amazing beauty or you could put yourself in a questionable situation.

mini shifting is just simply adjusting your situation and taking action at that time. this concept can be used in any situation in your life.

if you are thinking about becoming organized in your home or office — mini shift your time and spend 20 minutes just picking up the loose items around one room. do the dishes and clean up the counters before bed. clean up your workspace on your desk so you come in the next morning feeling relaxed and on top of things.

this mini shifting concept can be used to organize your thoughts and for making life plans. take a moment and shift with a 10 minute stretch or meditation. imagine yourself letting go of a situation that no longer serves you and you replace it with a thought that makes you happy. all of this shifting daily will change your energy pattern and bring new opportunities, power and energy into your life.

try it — you will see. starting small and making daily positive shifts will produce big results later.


a sneak peek into my special sauce

28 Sep

i have been writing a lot lately. i have been spending my time revisiting my organizing how-to books and decided that i wanted to make the meat a little more juicy. i will talk about the basics of organizing and the importance of it yes –but i also want to cover a new formula [or the special sauce as i have been calling it] that i have come to use regularly.  using this approach will bring balance and a new energy into many  lives.

Here is a little peek about one of the juicy ingredients for a healthy, productive and dreamy life.

~~ Affirmations are a key element to my formula. These are simple sayings that will affirm yourself, your beauty and your life. It can be something small like — “today, I feel calm” to “ I am practicing the art of surrender” or ” I trust in the process of my life.”  You can come up with your own, use the ones in the back of this book, or i suggest looking online. You can also use simple words like “trust”, or “i can” and place them on cards around your house. Use whatever rings true to you and feels good.

What you fill your mind with will also flow out. Fill your ears, your mouth your eyes , your mind with beauty, notes of self love and in no time you will be loving yourself and feeling good.

I will tell you that you should never and i repeat never feel bad for loving yourself. Do not ever apologize for liking and loving who you are. There have been people that say that your ego will blow up and you will become a snob but that is not true at all. The opposite happens. When you learn to accept yourself, and live present in your life and skin just the way you are because you are special and made perfectly. when you show your inner girl/boy that you will nurture her/him and take care of her/him your heart grows. Not just for yourself but for other people. You start to radiate a love that comes from the creator of the universe and there is no better feeling in the world. Everything in life is possible with this kind of love and support.

Your prescription for a healthy, balanced and loving life is to tell yourself something nice at the minimum of three times a day, see what happens and how you feel.

What you choose to spend your energy on is what you will get back. If you love yourself, love will find you and others will love you. If you are angry and focus on the negative, only negative and hostile situations will find you and come into your life.

Learn to take some time to get to know yourself. I read on a girls blog once [sorry i don/t remember who it was for credit but she is fabulous!] that she has been dating herself,  has fallen in love, will get the courage to pop the question and the honeymoon is going to be fabulous. It was so beautiful because she was talking about herself. She was taking the time to figure herself out and fall in love with her faults, strengths and everything in between. When we learn to put ourselves first everything falls into balance because you are then working off a solid and firm foundation. ~~

I just felt inspired today to include this bit in my post for the day. I have been loving myself over here and nurturing this heart of mine and tending to my flame of passion.

so today — i rock — you rock — we are all truly fabulous and what a great journey we are on.

color statement

15 Sep

in this last year i have become obsessed with color. my home is now infused with it and my wardrobe looks something similar to a rainbow when i open my closet doors.  it soothes my soul now. it makes me smile and feel like i am vibrant, sexy and alive.

i found this picture on one of my favorite websites–pinterst.com. photo credits are — spectrum abstract. Photo by Jen Siska

i think this photo is fantastic because it demands attention. i look at the color and it just is so rich and inviting. i like how it pops off the white and then the detail of the sweet pillow. just simple, balanced and happy to me.

this is easy to do in your home. what makes this fabulous to me is the clean look with the white walls and the lines on the furniture.  making a wall piece similar to this would be a fun project. you could use a canvas or even use some butcher block paper and make two prints that you could frame. take some paint, spray some water on it so you get the drips. maybe some splatter paint in the paper would be fun too. just make sure that your paint is already fluid enough to drip so you do not have to add too much water to the paper which would cause it to wrinkle. if using canvas…no big deal as the canvas can hold the water. add a simple frame, hang side by side and pow…an unusual punch of color. i personally like the framing options that ikea offers.

here is my version of this art using a zinc piece of metal that used to be on my desk. (that is the next post…how to turn a desk into your dining room table)  i personally like things with  graffiti, modern, bold  and distressed looks. i painted drops, sanded a little bit around the edges, splattered and let the paint drip down to get the look i wanted. it was free to make. i had the paint and took me about an hour and a half  to do. i am pretty happy with it. it adds a nice bold bit of color to my home studio/office.

what fun creative ideas does this spark in your mind to do? please share.

life thrifting

1 Sep

autumn is being welcomed and hopeful for an early arrival at my house. today is september 1st. a month that is packed full of many events for our household. school starts, birthdays, a day of memory, and getting into the swing of fall. the change is most welcome.

as i sit here burning my smelly fall apple candle i reflect on the moments in life. i ponder memories and make plans for the future. life always has a way of bringing surprises into your life. the key to happiness is how you adjust to it.

the thought of thrifting comes to mind. recently i have been going with a dear friend around town to some shops and it has stirred a new passion and excitement in my life. another connection to past and sorting through things that have memories or items that you can re-purpose and make new in your home. life is really simular. you pick and choose what you would like in it, feelings that you are willing to push aside or investigate how it can change and better your life.

i like this new concept and i am in a new chapter in my journey. i am a check box person by nature. i like lists and being able to check off an accomplishment,  enjoy the feeling of arrival and that i can move forward. i am just gonna sit in it now. the lesson is always to be present in the moment for me. look for the gems that are in front of me, all around me and savor on those for a bit.

life is evolving and it is good. change is welcome in my life. i am again open and letting go.

just a little me

23 Aug

i had a delightful phone conversation this morning with a potential new client. i got off the phone with her and i looked down and i could not help but smile. for each new client i always take notes and write down key points about the conversation and what they are wanting to achieve. my notes in the past however, never looked like this. they were well organized, bullet pointed and boring. i guess because i would meet them face to face and my doodling would have been a distraction or would not come across professional enough.

well i am coming into my fullness. i look at how messy this piece of paper is and my doodles and my little prayers and affirmations on this page that i got from our conversation sings to my soul.

The Sounds of Nature

22 Jul

I started my morning as usual with a nice cup of coffee and my computer. The morning and late night are when I do most of my reading and get caught up on some art blogs and such.

I came across this article about this machine that turns wind into music.  I can imagine how beautiful it must sound when sitting in this thing. Pretty clever.

Luke Jerram demonstrates that wind can create beauty with his last installation called “Aeolus.” Inspired by traditional Aeolus harps, the “Aeolus” installation captures winds melody through its acoustic pavilion. It consists of a dome of tubes which, when the wind blows over them, create melodies similar to the way wind instruments do.

Daily affirmations and inspirations in my house

19 Jul

I have been doing a lot of thinking in the last few days on the topic of young girls and self esteem. I think back to my childhood and my experience as a young girl and how I felt about myself deeply impacted my life now.

I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters. My oldest who is 18 this week from my first marriage and then my other two from my last marriage of 13 years. Each one of them have had unique experiences and I see a huge difference in them due to the relationships with their fathers.

It took me until I was 36 to realize my personal value regardless who was in my life. Many feelings surfaced when my father passed 4 years ago, and I was able to deal with my insecurities as a person, a wife,  a woman, a mother and as an artist.

I feel it is so important to nurture ourselves starting at a young age. Lately my girls and I have been doing a lot of photo taking and dream board building. I also have been writing  inspirational and affirming notes and placing them around the house. You can never tell yourself too many times that you are beautiful and loved.

This is a little note I wrote for myself this last week. +

I am quirky,  individual and beautiful

from the top of my head to the tips of my toes

artistry and self expression run through my veins

I feel the energy of the power I hold inside me

waiting to fly — waiting to soar

my skin glows of radiance

the warmth from my source running through my cells

I am whole — I am enough

I am just the way I am supposed to be

light, energy, and fulfillment