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7 steps for getting through stress

5 Oct

stress is something we all have in our busy lives and sometimes it can get a little heavy. this morning as i sit in some of my heaviness i fall upon some simple steps that i personally use to get through it and wanted to share with you. it is a good way to set the intention for the day, afternoon and evening as well.

follow these simple steps and see what it does for you.

1 – sit in a quite place. it can be on the sofa, on the floor with your legs crossed, the bathroom floor, where ever you can get a moment to yourself without any distractions. close your eyes.

2 – breathe deep. breathe in and out and as you breathe in tell yourself you are breathing in energy that is pure and clean. breathe out and tell yourself that you are exhaling all negative and stressful energy. do this till you feel a little shift. when you start to feel really calm you can move to the next step.

3 – affirm yourself. once you are relaxed from your breathing, tell yourself that you are here right now and that is good. there is a lesson and a reason why you are here. you are ok.

4 – list your gratitude. take a moment and name a few things that you are grateful for. it can be anything, the rain, the kids, your ability to drive, etc.

5 – thought with intention. you should feel a really good shift by now. now imagine your life as you would like it. take a little daydream trip and imagine how you would like your life to be.

6 – make a choice. at this time you tell yourself that you will make the choice to be happy and live in the moment and not worry about what is going to happen tomorrow or next week. all we have is this moment and that you will be happy in this moment of growth.

7- be kind to yourself. remember to be gentle to yourself. life is what you make it. worry does not serve anyone. if it does not serve you or make you feel good — don/t have it in your life.

you can do this exercise as much as needed. three times a day if it will help, i do. it really is a good tool for mini shifting your attitude and taking back your moment. remember, every moment things change. we are all based off energy and those energy patterns can be changed at any time for positive or negative.

much love –


a special meeting

24 Jul

there is an awakening in my soul that has been happening for the past few years. an empowerment, a new guidance system, a new set of eyes. this new path that i decided to journey on has been one of self discovery and wanting to know more about the foundations in which i believe.

when i step out into nature there is a grounding in my soul. connecting with my source, my world, my feelings. i have always been a nature girl and loved being outdoors hiking or going for long walks.

this time something is different. i feel a communion. i feel a connection more intense. i feel the world differently. the flowers are more beautiful, and the sky just seems to sing.

this morning i was given a special gift. i was out taking some photos on my walk and there was this little dragonfly. he flew around us for a little bit and then landed on a nearby branch. he stayed there as if he was watching us. wanting to have a little chat and see how things were going with us. the kind creature stopped for some photos and allowed me to get very close and personal. i thought to myself — why is he not scared of me? he hung out with us for a decent amount of time. it was incredible to meet him and see his beautiful body up close.

i was open this morning, finally recharged and let go of my stuff in my head.  i was able to see the world through a new set of eyes. now if i can just stay on this path and not stray again i would be in super shape.

here is a photo of this amazingly beautiful creature.